Chief Arnold Gardner became Chief in 1990 and has led Eagle Lake First Nation for the past thirty years. His philosophy is to always try new ideas, understanding that sometimes trying different approaches either result in success or a lesson learnt, but the most important thing is to try. Chief Gardner has contributed to the development of the community in many ways, by listening to the members, keeping an open-mind, and working together but not over promising.

Chief Arnold believes in the traditional teachings and attributes his own health and welfare to his spiritual faith and walking the teachings of the elders and the creator. He believes it’s important to embrace the teachings and conveys this in his leadership.

“Message to the youth is to listen, learn, and be brave. Try to follow the seven teachings. Be honest, courageous, truthful and brave. Love one another as a person and love yourself so you can give back and do things for other people. Be trusting.”

Chief Gardner prides himself on no regrets and believes he did the best job he could with the support of so many others that played a part in the growth and development of the community. He loves to see that people are moving back to experience the strength of a close community and family.

With no alcohol for 40 years, he understands what it is like to experience difficult hardship but also understands the freedom and clarity from the other side. Once he received his first feather his life changed. He was able to have direction and begin helping others and changing lives.

Chief Gardner continues to use his knowledge and background to develop the community and offer strength to Eagle Lake’s members.

Arnold Gardner

Chief Arnold Gardner

“My goal is to ensure growth and sustainability for the community and to continue to support the members by overcoming challenges and continuing to practice the teachings I have learned to help our community live a successful and healthy life.”