Message from the Chief

My goal is to ensure growth and sustainability for the community and to continue to support the members by overcoming challenges and continuing to practice the teachings I have learned to help our community live a successful and healthy life.”

Chief Gardner’s Background

Chief Gardner

Arnold Gardner
Trisha Kavanaugh
Sheldon Adams
Lloyd Napish
Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming Challenges

The priority of the Chief and Council is to ensure the health and well-being of the community, which over the past year has been challenged due to Covid-19. Despite the obstacles faced, we met these challenges by continuing to educate our youth and provide support to our Land and Resource, Administration and Social Assistance staff to continue to operate and provide our needed services. Discussions have begun on timelines for a vaccination roll-out and Chief and Council continue to prioritize the safety of our community.

The Eagle Lake community has shown resilience, with general road work and housing development continuing with the possibility of ten houses in the queue for construction through the Fast Housing Program, with four scheduled for completion within the next year. With 120 houses currently, Eagle Lake continues to grow.

Eagle Lake has seen growth and innovation in housing with stable running water, our very own water tower, construction company, and an updated water treatment plant. A Family Treatment Centre moves closer to fruition and discussion for a Senior Centre has begun. We have seen more education for the community with our very own school of K-6 students, and an Adult Learning Centre.

Nuclear Waste Management talks continue with an agreement that is still in negotiation. There is also ongoing communication with Eagle Lake’s involvement in The Waasigan Transmission Line development project in Dryden.