Covid19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Current updates in Eagle Lake.

Our administration and Leadership are working hard to keep our members safe. Click the link below for information on cases and best practices.
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Vibrant Community

A Vibrant Community

Located in the Heart of the North

The Ojibwe community is approximately 25 km southwest of Dryden and a two hour drive from the U.S. border. Eagle Lake’s total registered population as of April 2016 is 630 residents.
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Winter Contest

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December 1, 2021 - January 8, 2022

Bake Sale

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November 19, 2021 - December 7, 2021

Grief Support Group

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October 5, 2021 - December 31, 2021

50 bags of hockey gear donated to ELFN youth

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November 19, 2021