The people of Eagle Lake First Nation believe their children’s needs will be met through the operation of their own school that provides holistic education, developing all parts of a child’s being.

Eagle Lake wants to ensure that each individual student is provided with a quality holistic education program that will provide the basis and encouragement for each student to achieve their fullest potential. The values of respect, discipline, and responsibility must be nurtured in an active and warm open school environment. Children will learn to be proud of themselves as human beings, thus fostering pride in their culture, heritage and language. This will be reinforced with a strong positive foundation of academic skills.

Our goal is to provide an education system that enables all of our children TO LEARN, TO LIVE, TO SUCCEED.

Vibrant Community

A Vibrant Community

Located in the Heart of the North

The Ojibwe community is approximately 25 km southwest of Dryden and a two hour drive from the U.S. border. Eagle Lake’s total registered population as of April 2016 is 630 residents.