Since it’s founding Eagle Lake has grappled with a housing shortage, a situation born from an increasing demand that outpaces the community’s construction capabilities. Eagle Lakes Housing waitlist serves as a testament to this on going challenge.

As Eagle Lakes landscape evolves, so too does the housing narrative, with construction operations shifting towards what locals term “up the hill.” This shift was necessary because of the changing water levels in the older sections, where the foundations of the initial first two houses were laid.

Within the interview segments linked below, Eagle Lake elders vividly recount their memories of housing during that era, providing invaluable insights into the evolution of Eagle Lake’s residential landscape.

If you wish to apply and be added to the Housing Departments waiting list please fill out the form below and return to Jamie Gardner at the Band Office or by email at

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David Adams, Construction Supervisor
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Vibrant Community

A Vibrant Community

Located in the Heart of the North

The Ojibwe community is approximately 25 km southwest of Dryden and a two hour drive from the U.S. border. Eagle Lake’s total registered population as of April 2016 is 630 residents.