Margaret (Kwetet) Gardner Started bingo in the early 1970s in a small way and Rose Gardner was the bookkeeper. There was no set time to have one, just when someone suggested it. It was all volunteer work. The proceeds went to buy Christmas presents for the Anishinaabe children at both Eagle Lake and Eagle River.

Sometimes money was given for gas money for the Sunday School teachers. the more structured Bingo began at Eagle Lake in 1975. It is presently held from Wednesday to Saturday evenings and on Sunday afternoon. The Bingo offers subsidies to community programs to enhance their programming options. It also provides three salary full-time jobs as well as part-time employment for Bingo workers and Concession staff.

In addition to jobs, Bingo generates funding for the following:

  • To send children to the little NHL annually
  • To support the Eagle Lake annual traditional Pow Wow, which is held on August long weekend
  • To help out with medical expenses when the health program does not cover certain expenses
  • To assist with bereavement expenses
  • Used for school trips and for the purchase of library books for the school
  • For the purchase of screen doors for the elders
  • Fundraising for baseball, minor hockey and figure skating
  • Funding for the annual youth powwow, which is held on the May long weekend
  • Safe Grad
  • Dryden Fall Fair
  • Diabetes Association
  • Student summer employment
  • New Year’s Eve party
  • School functions

Early birds are held prior to Bingo and volunteers work the early birds to help support whatever function is being fund-raised at a particular time.

Eagle Lake Bingo Palace

Vacant, Manager
755-5526 ext 230

Elizabeth Gardner, Finance Administrator

Vibrant Community

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The Ojibwe community is approximately 25 km southwest of Dryden and a two hour drive from the U.S. border. Eagle Lake’s total registered population as of April 2016 is 630 residents.