The Anishinaabeg of Eagle Lake have lived on this land since time immemorial and the Creator gave us the responsibility to look after it.

As keepers of the land, we are committed to protecting our traditional lands and resources and to ensure the health and sustainability of the resources for present and future generations. We will accomplish this by preserving sacred areas that have cultural and spiritual significance and by promoting environmental protection of the land and resources for all life forms. In order to have a good life, we must live in harmony with the natural world, maintain balance and respect everything and all living things.

  • Logging
  • Mining
  • Hunting
  • Trapping
  • Fishing
  • Crafts
Lands & Resources

Daniel Morriseau, Lands and Resources Consultation
755-5526 ext 241

Miles Pitchenese, Contaminants Coordinator
755-5526 ext 232

Lawrence Lefort, Mining Resource Coordinator
755-5526 ext 241

Joanne Derosier, IESO
755-5526 ext 232

April Bird, L&R Admin
755-5526 ext 241

Vibrant Community

A Vibrant Community

Located in the Heart of the North

The Ojibwe community is approximately 25 km southwest of Dryden and a two hour drive from the U.S. border. Eagle Lake’s total registered population as of April 2016 is 630 residents.